This 1970s TV show helped make homophobia uncool


Recently, I received my first piece of homophobic mail. Compared to those who have received such harassment all their lives, I was a late arriver and somewhat surprised since I’m a straight man. But it’s also striking, as open homophobia has mostly moved from the mainstream of public discourse to its margins.

On May 22, for example, the President of the Boy Scouts of America called for an end to banning gay scout leaders, after the BSA lifted, in 2013, its 103-year ban on openly gay youth. A day later, Ireland voted by an overwhelming 62% in favor of same-sex marriage, changing the country’s constitution.

All this made the email I received startling in its throwback to a past quickly being buried by current developments.

The email’s subject line read “Lance Loud’s dad made him gay.”

Lance, as some may recall, was one of the family members in…

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Target Plans to Offer Apple Pay After Chip-and-PIN Card Upgrade


targetTarget CEO Brian Cornell spoke at Re/code‘s Code Conference in Palos Verdes, California today, where he confirmed that the company plans to offer in-store support for Apple Pay in the future. According to Cornell, while he’d love to have Apple Pay available “right now,” support will not be coming until Target upgrades its system to support integrated circuit credit cards to comply with new standards.

Integrated circuit cards (or chip-and-PIN cards) replace the magnetic stripe on a credit card or debit card with an embedded microchip. The microchip communicates with a supported point-of-sale system and transactions are authenticated through a PIN instead of a signature.

Chip-and-PIN cards are already used in many countries around the world because they’re believed to be more secure than traditional credit cards. In the United States, retailers are being encouraged to adopt point-of-sale systems that support chip-and-PIN cards by the end of 2015. As…

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Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition going for a truly intergalactic price


スクリーンショット (45)

There is a certain sense of irony in Samsung making an official website for a product it only produced 1,000 units of, and which is clearly marked as “Sold Out” already.

Earlier this month Samsung announced plans to release a limited edition run of Iron Man-branded Galaxy S6 Edge units, and despite not having formally launched just yet, we’re already seeing the first units hit Ebay at quite extraordinary prices. As of the time of this writing, of the 7 different auctions for Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition, the highest is sitting pretty at $7,100, with over 2 days remaining before the auction ends. It needs to be clarified that this isn’t a “value proposition” by any means; said auction has 49 bids on it, which means that barring any potential default on payment, someone will be forking over the better part of 10K, if not more.

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