FIFA corruption: What’s a sponsor to do?


After years of reports of poor governance practices, shady business dealings, an endless parade of stories about corruption, kickbacks, fiefdoms, labor violations, and more, investigations by the FBI and Swiss authorities have led to high-profile arrests of senior FIFA executives on corruption charges. We are now at the start of what will likely be months of stories untangling a Gordian knot of complex global deals and unethical behavior.

The big sponsors of FIFA are now scrambling to be the first to put out statements of concern and condemnation. We can applaud them, but it’s also ironic how quickly they are delivering these statements given how slowly they have dragged their feet over the years when asked to comment or take a stance on ethics violations.

Visa [fortune-stock symbol= »V »] says that they are disappointed and concerned and give veiled threats of potential withdrawal. Adidas [fortune-stock symbol= »AG »] is encouraging FIFA to continue…

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