Microsoft, Facebook, Google And The Future Of Voice Communications


Editor’s note: Eric Holmen is the executive vice president of sales, marketing and services at Invoca. 

All of a sudden, it seems like Facebook, Google and Apple are climbing all over each other to own the voice interaction, and specifically, the phone conversation. They’re in a race to compete in the most valuable part of “social” — as if they’ve forgotten, until now, just how much humans ultimately value one-on-one conversation.

I see voice as the next big land grab for tech companies — and not just the established players in VoIP, but the companies at the bleeding edge of consumer and business communication. Microsoft is well-positioned after acquiring Skype in 2011, but other tech giants are catching up as they recognize the value of voice conversations. Skype has 4.9 million daily active users compared with Facebook’s 890 million, but Skype’s users are interacting in a very “

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