You sit down at your local coffee shop and fire up the WiFi. Everything seems to work just fine.

The network name is the same; all of your pages load just fine — there’s no real indication that anything whatsoever is amiss. You browse around a bit, without giving the router a second thought.

Alas, you never actually connected to the coffee shop’s WiFi at all.

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You’ve instead connected to a router built to look and work just like the one you wanted… with one big difference: this router is silently gobbling up all of the private data you’re piping through it — the credit card numbers, the social security numbers, the trade secrets — and sending it off to be perused and mined by who-on-earth knows.

This may sound like Mission Impossible « It’ll never happen to me! » type stuff, but it’s a growing problem. In the last…

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CoroNet Wants To Keep Your Gadgets Away From Dangerous Networks That Steal Your Data