Arctuition is hoping to take advantage of the iPad’s portability, flexibility and range of input options to bring meaningful improvements to an area of CAD and engineering that has remained primarily low-tech.

When engineering projects kick off, especially in the consulting engineering field specifically, engineers often have to go out into the field and figure out their plan by scouting the site for a project, taking measurements, drawing early sketches and putting together materials for proposals and early feasibility studies. This is where the new ArcSite app for iPad, which Arctuition launched today onstage at Disrupt NY, fits in.

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« Consulting engineers and CAD designers are still using pen and paper products to gather data during site investigations, » ArcSite co-founder Charles Nivision explained via email.

With ArcSite, you can sketch directly and gather and organize field data all in one place, and since it’s aimed at helping with precision projects…

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Arctuition’s ArcSite Modernizes The Early Stages Of Engineering With The iPad