Apple Watch worth the cost despite app imperfections


The Apple Watch is the first product category to launch under the tenure of Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company’s newest since 2010 when it introduced the iPad.

The smartwatch unveiling comes after years of speculation, rumors and even a few hints from Tim Cook. Expectations are high, and rightfully so; Apple [fortune-stock symbol= »AAPL »] has made a name for itself by releasing products that have not only transformed entire industries, but changed users’ lives.

The iPhone ushered in the modern-day smartphone era with its multi-touch interface. The iPod transformed the way we listen to music by creating a device the size of a matchbox that could store thousands of songs. Now, the company has launched the Apple Watch and only time will tell what impact—if any— it’s going to have on consumers and the industry.

Before its official launch, no one outside of Apple really had a thorough understanding…

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