Facebook, eBay, Vice News And Others First To Support Chrome’s New Push Notifications


With last week’s release of an updated version of the Chrome browser for Android, Google debuted a new feature that will allow websites to engage with mobile users by way of push notifications, making websites more competitive with native apps. Now we know which websites will be among the first to support Chrome push notifications on web and mobile, thanks to additional details Google announced this morning which notes that early adopters for the technology include Beyond the Rack, eBay, Facebook, FanSided, Pinterest, Product Hunt, and VICE News, Roost and Mobify.

These companies’ implementations of push notifications in Chrome will arrive in the « coming weeks, » says Google.

While mobile websites often have a broader reach than their native counterparts, they haven’t yet been able to engage mobile consumers in the same way as mobile apps – which is one of the many reasons why native apps have such appeal. Not only are mobile…

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