The Ultimate Guide to Managing Money in Your 20sy

Brianne Cullen Sherk

Money might make the world go round, but it can be tough to keep those dolla dolla bills organized. Whether you’re financially independent for the first time or in need of a personal finances refresher course, here are some tips for smart money management.

Note: The following information is based on an unmarried, childless adult.


Simple Tips to Stress Less
  1. Be realistic. If you’re working an entry-level job, don’t expect to buy designer shoes and fancy meals every week.
  2. Be tough.Learn to say no or find creative replacements for pricey items or experiences.
  3. Reassess often. Look over spending and reevaluate every 1-2 months.
Always Going Over? Try These Strategies:
  • Evaluate your lifestyle honestly.To make ends meet, it may be necessary to cancel magazine subscriptions, stop ordering out for lunch, or forego cable TV.
  • Reorganize your “lifestyle choices” budget. Prioritize and allocate more money for stuff you…

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