Why Marketing Clouds Make No Sense


Editor’s note:Jeff Dachis is founder of One Drop and co-founder and former CEO of Razorfish. He sold Dachis Group to Sprinklr in March 2014 and serves as both an advisor and chief Evangelist at the company. 

Words matter. The way you describe something is not only a reflection of reality, but it also tells you a lot about who is doing the describing and what they value. Poets know this. Copywriters know this. And great marketers know this.

But this is a strange time for marketers. The industry is in the midst of a shift in the balance of power from companies to consumers, yet the language and, more importantly, the capabilities, we use to market have just not kept up.

Case in point: the notion of a marketing cloud, or a service cloud or an analytics cloud. These aren’t just names for software that big tech companies want businesses to buy. They’re…

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