Tumblr this morning has begun to roll out a sizable update to its iOS application with the release of Tumblr 4.0. The new application, which also now appears under a revamped app icon, includes a number of features that previously have been available only on the desktop, like the ability to create secondary blogs on the fly or submit to submission blogs, for example. Meanwhile, other additions are specifically designed for iOS, like the new « Today » widget.

The widget, which takes advantage of Apple’s iOS 8 feature that allows you to view useful information and other content right on your Today screen, will display what’s trending on Tumblr, rather than activity related to your own blog, or updates from your Tumblr network.

In addition to the features mentioned above, which are focused on allowing you to do more blogging from your iOS device by quickly creating more blogs or participating in blogs that accept posts…

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Tumblr 4.0 Arrives On iOS With Better Blogging Tools, Filtered Search, And A New Widget