Google Play’s New Program « Designed For Families” Will Highlight Pre-Approved, Kid-Safe Apps


Google today announced a new developer program called « Designed For Families » which will allow app publishers to opt into an additional review in order have their apps labeled as being « family-friendly. » The new designation will eventually make its way to Google Play, though the company is not yet revealing the specifics around how this group of apps will be made discoverable once there.

Google explains that its app marketplace features a number of developers, like PBS Kids, Tynker and Crayola, whose apps offer high quality, age appropriate content, and offer user interfaces and features that both educate and entertain young kids.

But today these « better » applications are mixed in with others that aren’t necessarily of the same caliber. That can make it difficult for parents to discover the kind of apps they want their children to play with and use.

To qualify, apps will be required to met…

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