« Fu$k the Fundamentals! »: Negative Rates In EU Will Absolutely Wreck the Very System the ECB Sought to Save

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I have been warning Veritaseum users about the unbridled risks the ECB is taking with its banking system by slamming its yield curve – driving short and medium term rates negative. Despites the ECB’s proclamations, its banking system is still quite fragilem, and it is putting pressure on the barely recovered fractures, causing additional stress fissures.

Before we go on, if you haven’t read »It’s All Out War, Pt 3: Is the Danish Krone Peg to Euro More Fragile Than Glass Beads? The Danish National Bank Infers So!and « How the Danish Central Bank is Destroying the Danish Citizens’ Wealth Form Both Sides While Stressing It’s Bank! », please do. My warnings in 2010 on thePAN-EUROPEAN SOVEREIGN DEBT CRISISwill do a lot to fill in the background as well.

Yesterday, theWall Street Journal ran a storyon the Spanich bank, Bankinter S.A., which was actuallypaying…

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