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*Posted originally on Jon Arnold’s Analyst 2.0 Blog on March 2, 2015

The term collaboration is a bit of a loaded word, but it’s become central to any conversation now around workplace productivity and communications technology. To help decision-makers get better value from collaboration initiatives, this marks the start of a new series based on my ongoing industry research.

For clarity, I will state upfront that this series is sponsored by Cisco Canada, but the content is mine. My analysis is independent and vendor-neutral, so you won’t be reading much here about Cisco’s collaboration offerings or their competitors for that matter. 

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It’s About You Bettering Your Business

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Trends in the technology industry are always changing. If you are anything like me, being ahead of the technology curve is challenging. We all know we need to be at the forefront of it, but sometimes the wave takes us by storm and we get derailed. Cisco Connect Toronto provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest trends, network with local peers and meet with experts. It’s two days dedicated to advancing your business.

This year we are bringing a new spin to Cisco Connect Toronto. As the Premier Technology sponsor of TO2015, Cisco Canada is demonstrating Fast IT on a world stage. We are deploying an intelligent, mobile, secure, and collaborative mission critical network and data center to support the massive levels of data generated across 35 different Games venues. But before we demonstrate this at the GAMES, we are bringing it to Cisco Connect Toronto.


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Protecting the Attack Continuum

Cisco Canada Blog

For AMP blog post  -Apri l2015This month, Cisco announced a new host of advanced capabilities and services for security professionals, continuing Cisco’s commitment to arming businesses against all stages of the attack continuum.

We’ve discussed in the past how security threats have evolved over the last the few years and how the frequency and scope of attacks have forced professionals to change their attitudes concerning protection. It’s no longer a matter of if you’ll be attacked, or even when. Security breaches are happening every day; you already have been compromised.

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Credit Market Crazy

Touching Your

By Tracy Alloway

Negative interest rates are an odd fish in the world of finance given that they basically wreak havoc on a central tenet of investing; that investors will be compensated in some way for, you know, investing in things.

Bloomberg’s Alastair Marsh reports today on POPYM 2007-2 A3G, a 2007 securitization deal that bundled together loans made to small businesses in Spain. Trustees for the bonds appear to be halting coupon payments to the debt’s investors after a benchmark interest rate to which the deal is tied turned negative in recent days.

That benchmark rate is three-month Euribor, and you can see its rather stunning descent in the chart below:

Three-month euribor – Bloomberg

While the prospect of receiving a big fat nothing in return for holding bundled business loans will no doubt be less than inspiring for investors – it’s important to remember that things could always be worse. In theory, negative rates could result…

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