I Spy … The Most Insightful AAPL Chart


Apple is the most important stock on planet earth.

It’s the biggest component of the S&P 500 (NYSEArca: SPY) and Nasdaq (Nasdaq: QQQ). As of March 18, it will also be part of the Dow Jones, where it will rank as #6 of 30 (at least initially). Not bad for a “newcomer.”

The ebbs and flows of AAPL will affect almost every corner of the stock market universe.

When AAPL coughs, the market will get a cold. What are the odds of AAPL catching a cough?

Historical Dow Jones Curse

Historical data shows that inclusion into the prestigious Dow 30 club is more of a blessing than a course, at least short-term. 9 of the 15 components added since 1999 lost on average 6.3% within the first month.

Technical Blessing?

I invite you to inspect the AAPL chart with me.

Support: Green lines at 120 – 122.

Resistance: The chart…

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