Etsy files for an IPO, looks to raise up to $100M


Ten-year-old artisanal e-commerce site Etsy just filed to go public, hoping to raise up to $100 million. Etsy chose the NASDAQ over the NYSE and landed its own name as its stock ticker — ETSY.

According to the filing, the company generated revenue of $195.6 million in 2014, which was 56 percent growth over its revenue in 2013 of $125.02 million. The company isn’t quite breaking even, though it’s come close in the past. Etsy lost $15.2 million in 2014, which was a larger loss than its net loss in 2013 of $0.8 million, and $2.36 million in 2012.

Etsy’s growth has been substantial over the years. In terms of the total amount of sales made through the site, Etsy hit $1.93 billion in 2014 (up 43.3 percent from 2013), and the company claims 54 million members, of which 1.4 million are active sellers and 19.8 million are active buyers.

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