Council set to publish loads more data as Leeds aspires to become « The Data City »

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Leeds City Council looks like it’s about to commit itself to publishing a massive amount of new data on its open data platform, Leeds Data Mill.

The pledge is one of a series of recommendations in a report that’s going to council bosses for approval at a meeting tomorrow (17th December).

Given the scope of the council’s activities (finance, housing, land, infrastructure, property, health, social care, business, arts and culture, community and youth provision … the list is endless) the recommendation to commit all council services to « make all non person-sensitive data open and published » is a mammoth, but welcome, undertaking, particularly if it involves historic data.

Ironically, it will be like going back to the ‘sixties, when loads of council data was routinely and meticulously published down to the last ha’penny in bound volumes every year. Except this time there’ll be even more of it and you won’t have to…

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