GNS3 Install from Git

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I’ve read somewhere that GNS3 runs better on Linux and I had some spare cycles on a Hyper-V host. I configured a VM with 16GB of RAM and I was able to get GNS3 up and running on Ubuntu 14.1 using the steps I will be documenting below.

Since we will be installing from the source files from the git repository on, you will need to install git:
sudo apt-get install git

Install Dynamips:
Install the Dynamips dependencies if they have not already been installed:
sudo apt-get install libelf-dev uuid-dev libpcap0.8-dev

Download the source files to your system. I downloaded mine to the Public folder in my home folder.
sudo git clone
cd dynamips
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

Install Gns3-Server:
Install the dependencies if they have not already been installed:
sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools python3-zmq python3-netifaces

Download the source to your system.

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8002764502 Cisco CVRX2SFP TwinGig Converter Module For

Examining Necessary Aspects For emergences

8002764502 Cisco CVRX2SFP TwinGig Converter Module For 8002764502 Cisco CVRX2SFP TwinGig Converter Module For
5. Recommended to read the Robert Kembel books on Fiber Route and Fiber Route switched fabrics

The 642-997 DCUFI Implementing cisco Data Center Unified Fabric examination is associated with the CCNP DC qualifications and with the cisco Unified Fabric Support Specialist. This examination tests a candidate’s knowledge of implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric structure, security, management, high accessibility, virtualization in the system.

? cisco Unified communications extend the corporate network of an organization, therefore staffs can access the network from anywhere- this enhance productivity and reduce redundancies.

? cisco Voice and Unified communication administration- ICOMM version 8.1 { This course teaches a beginner how to operate and deliver solutions to business needs with the cisco Unified Communications Manager}. It also teaches a learner how to use and maintained other key components such as Cisco Unit Connection, Cisco Unified communications manager express, and…

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Council set to publish loads more data as Leeds aspires to become « The Data City »

the leeds citizen

Image from Image from

Leeds City Council looks like it’s about to commit itself to publishing a massive amount of new data on its open data platform, Leeds Data Mill.

The pledge is one of a series of recommendations in a report that’s going to council bosses for approval at a meeting tomorrow (17th December).

Given the scope of the council’s activities (finance, housing, land, infrastructure, property, health, social care, business, arts and culture, community and youth provision … the list is endless) the recommendation to commit all council services to « make all non person-sensitive data open and published » is a mammoth, but welcome, undertaking, particularly if it involves historic data.

Ironically, it will be like going back to the ‘sixties, when loads of council data was routinely and meticulously published down to the last ha’penny in bound volumes every year. Except this time there’ll be even more of it and you won’t have to…

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How Many Hosts In An VLAN or IP Subnet and Why ?

Storage CH Blog

Good post by Greg Ferro (thank you) – check out the comments too

It is common to allocate /24 or /22 subnets to a single VLAN but William writes to ask whether is related to broadcasts. What is the best subnet size for VLAN allocation and why ? The answer isn’t what you think.

Read on here

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