Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast 102: Charlie Shrem

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Trace Mayer interviews Charlie Shrem, former CEO of BitInstant, tells war stories about buying and selling bitcoins.

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Looking to speak to Bitcoin buyers/sellers whose UK bank accounts have been frozen or closed without warning via /r/Bitcoin

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Looking to speak to Bitcoin buyers/sellers whose UK bank accounts have been frozen or closed without warning

A friend who regularly buys and sells Bitcoin recently had his UK Barclays bank account closed without warning (see his blogpost here).

I’m trying to put together a feature on this for a national newspaper and am keen to speak to others who have been victim of this kind of action.

Can be anonymous, and can speak on Reddit or by email.

Submitted October 26, 2014 at 02:46PM by takeontheroad
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C++ Header Files Tutorial

Bits and Pieces of Code

This is a brief tutorial/overview on header files used in C++. In C++, you can declare a method or class using forward prototype before int main() [like so: int function(int x);] or you can declare them using a header. A header file is essentially a file that holds declarations of methods/functions, other .cpp files, classes, and other header files. Header files end in .h and its a way to organise code and other files, libraries, and packages of a C++ program that you would use. When declarations are done in a header file, it makes using the implementation in the main classes of the program more manageable.

For example, if you wanted to include a header file that has declarations already, simply add the line of code: #include « declarations.h »

The sample code below displays how methods, classes, and other header files are declared in a header file; as well as…

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Banking Accountancy and Finance Week 20 – 24 October 2014

Banking Accountancy and Finance Week 20 – 24 October 2014

Ever wondered where your degree could take you in the financial world? With over 4, 360 finance graduates employed in 2013 where do they all work? What sectors are they working in? Who can help you unpick the options available in the financial sector? What skills and competencies do you need to succeed in this graduate financial sector?

But with so much competition out there, how do you shine?

Employers will look at your degree but they’ll also look at what else you have been doing, what additional initiatives you have taken like joining a professional body, developing your commercial awareness, and demonstrating leadership skills. It is no longer about gaining a good degree at GSM but also developing yourself in as broad a way as possible. Employers seek those graduates with a range of interesting skills, expertise or aptitude.

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Engineering Courses that are in demand

Medical University in Ukraine

There are numerous courses in Engineering and Technology spotted at fantastic scholastic organizations all through the world. Those looking for engineering courses then they must study in Ukraine. There are numerous segments and commercial enterprises in which a specialist student can land great position, for example, designing firms, data innovation organizations, private and open aggregates and all the more as of late, TV and media has seen an expanded number of experts with building and engineering knowledge. Engineering courses may be concentrated on online or in a classroom, exclusively or in conjunction with degree programs. There are a mixed bag of projects and courses choices, for example, Programming, Mathematics, Physics, Networking, and Engineering Principles and Theories. Other particular subjects may cover counterfeit consciousness, mechanized frameworks, and different territories as per the needs of the single person. In the event that you are intrigued by engineering courses, then investigate the system…

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