Modeling the Mystery of the Earth’s Movements

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By Kacey Gardner, Editorial Assistant

brownellUnderstanding the shape and behavior of our planet is an absolutely classic problem, says Kyle Rocha-Brownell, a double major in physics and computer science.

In fact, says senior Rocha-Brownell, “It’s one of the oldest scientific questions on record.”

In a project funded by an Undergraduate Award for Research and Creativity from the CSU, Chico Provost’s Office, Rocha-Brownell spent the summer writing a computer program to simulate the rotation of Earth’s crust and core—a tool that he hopes could eventually give insight into these age-old questions.

“Although it sounds rather geological, I’m conducting it as a physics project—with a bit of computer science, of course,” he says. “I plan to include a 3-D rendering of the rotations, so that should look pretty cool to even non-scientists.”

Senior Kyle Brownell uses C++ code to model 3-D renderngs of the Earth's rotations. Senior Kyle Brownell uses C++ code to model 3-D renderings of the Earth’s rotations.

The end result will be a…

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