Change of Location…and maybe Goals?


When I originally wrote this blog, I was short-sighted enough to think I would be in a « cube » for a long time.  Turns out, I’ve relocated to the NYU campus in Abu Dhabi for a few weeks before beginning a graduate program there.  The situation is very complicated and has been getting increasingly difficult as I spend more time here, but I can distill it into a few bullets:

  • Quit Motorola and my contractorship with SDI.  Left learning more there than in four years of undergraduate education.
  • Moved to Brooklyn with my girlfriend and two other friendly roommates, one being an old high-school friend.  Moved there to get closer to school and work opportunities.
  • Got accepted to a PhD program in Computer Science at NYU.  Will begin coursework in the next few weeks.  Lots of crappy paper-work and planning involved.
  • The research component of my PhD will be carried out…

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