Building a Microsoft SQL 2012 Cluster Foundation on vSphere 5.5

These notes are for the VMware admin only. I don’t cover SQL, SQL clustering or Server 2012 setups in this article. My role in these projects is to make sure the virtual servers have storage, networking and are controlled properly via vCenter. The SQL 2012 version used here is the basic Standard Edition and we will be using the older MSCS clustering with shared disks.

VMware admins are bound to some rules when it comes to SQL 2012 and clustering in general. The best practices are well documented around the web and I even picked up this book for a quick read. Ironically, if the only clustering solution available is the old MSCS then you have very few decisions to make.

The basic architecture includes a Dell Compellent SAN connected via fiber to Cisco UCS B-Series blade servers. The blade servers run VMware ESXi 5.5 and are controlled through vCenter…

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