vSphere 6 and UCS 3.0

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Unfortunately you can’t blog/talk about vSphere 6.0 so if you haven’t already sign up here:


You can talk about UCS 3.0 this release includes the following:

  • New chassis which offers no new functionality apart from support for mini UCS (new equipment is backward compatible with existing 5108, this just has a cross-connect to support, the below.
  • A new Fabric Interconnect that is in the form factor of a FEX (6324 Fabric Interconnect is the official name), and can support 1 chassis and a 7 rack mount servers (not recommended due to lack of redundancy).

Mini UCS


  • UCS Central 1.2(1a) is also out and it supports the mini UCS so you can manage your main Data Centre and a smaller office Mini UCS from one point.
  • UCS Platform Emulator 3.0 is also out for training.

Release notes are available here:

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