ASR9K – RADIUS Server Authentication Failures


This issue was happened during new installation on our client side. This is for the first time that our client have introduced IOS XR devices to their network environment

Below is my box info

OS:  4.2.3

In this case, we want to integrate our ASR9K using radius authentication. Somehow, all configuration we implemented didn’t work. Below were the configuration on the box

radius source-interface Loopback0 vrf default
radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813
 key 1 abcdefghijklmnopkrstuvw
aaa accounting exec ADMIN start-stop group radius
aaa authorization exec ADMIN group radius local
aaa authentication login ADMIN group radius local
line template VTY
 users group root-system
 accounting exec ADMIN
 authorization exec ADMIN
 login authentication ADMIN
 exec-timeout 15 0
 transport input telnet ssh

The configuration look fine, but the result was unexpected. Every times we were using valid radius username to access the box, it was keep asking for…

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