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Have been looking recently to review processes and introduce efficiencies where possible. One of the monthly tasks that I set myself was to ensure the time hadn’t slipped too far on my Cisco devices, and to correct it if it had.

A power cut in one of the offices caused all my Cisco devices to reset their time to the default of Mar 1993.

These two factors combined triggered some research into implementing NTP on all Cisco devices.

Commands I used on all devices are as follows. Devices were a combination of Catalyst 3560 and 3750 switches. Routers were already configured accordingly.

#clock timezone GMT…
#clock summer-time BST recurring 4 SUNDAY MARCH 01:00 4 SUNDAY OCTOBER 02:00 60
#ntp server x.x.x.x
#ntp server x.x.x.x

This sets the timezone to GMT, specifies BST (British Summer Time) as the daylight savings timezone, set it to recur, starting from the 4th Sunday of…

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