Cisco’s responsibility to its employees

Technological Responsibility


In tech industry, Cisco is another great corporation that is socially responsible and consider CSR as the core of their business.

Cisco Systems Inc. is an American multinational corporation founded in 1984. It’s headquarter is in San Jose, California. Cisco’s main business is designing, manufacturing and selling network equipment. Their most popular products are wifi routers. If you have never heard of Cisco, check out your wifi router at home, it might be from this company!

Just like most companies in IT industry, Cisco took its time to grow and develop in about first 20 years of it’ life. Only after becoming a large corporation in providing network equipment, that it decided to focus more on it’s own social responsibility.

According to Cisco’s CSR report, Cisco recognizes that creating vale for customers, society and environment strengthens their business. “We believe that Cisco has a responsibility to conduct our business in…

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