CSR1000v on GNS3

CCIE #49534

It has been quite some time since the Cisco’s Cloud Services Router CSR1000v was publicly released. CSR1000v is a virtual router or in other words it run’s the IOS software inside a Virtual Environment (in a Virtual Machine), and that’s not all because it can run the latest IOS XE software which is the successor of the classic IOS software. Basically all the IOS XE releases which start from 3.x correspond to the new classic IOS 15.x releases, however we will not talk this time about the mappings of IOS to IOS XE software version, if you are interested you can visit the official link on Cisco.

Now running CSR1000v on GNS3 is not difficult as long as you know what you are doing, all you need is some basic knowledge of Virtual Machines and how to install one, because the CSR1000v run’s as a VM instance and we will…

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