CCIE Security V4 Exam Preparation Topics – Part 3

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Topic 1: System Hardening and Availability

1.3 Limit Access to the Network with Infrastructure ACLs

Devised to prevent unauthorized direct communication to network devices, infrastructure access control lists (iACLs) are one of the most critical security controls that can be implemented in networks. Infrastructure ACLs leverage the idea that nearly all network traffic traverses the network and is not destined to the network itself.

An iACL is constructed and applied in order to specify connections from hosts or networks that need to be allowed to network devices. Common examples of these types of connections are eBGP, SSH, and SNMP. After the required connections have been permitted, all other traffic to the infrastructure is explicitly denied. All transit traffic that crosses the network and is not destined to infrastructure devices is then explicitly permitted.

The protections provided by iACLs are relevant to both the management and control planes. The implementation of…

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