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packettracer6 in ubuntu14.04 (or linux mint 17) (x86_64)

[ disclaimer: just a blog post, not a how-to 🙂 ]

when you are inscribed on a cisco course
you can download PT6 “Cisco_Packet_Tracer_6.0.1_for_Linux-Ubuntu_installation.bin
for Ubuntu …

I moved it into an isolated directory before executing, but it was not necessary:

$ mkdir pt-install
$ mv Cisco_Packet_Tracer_6.0.1_for_Linux-Ubuntu_installation.bin pt-install

then chmodded and executed with sudo

$ sudo chmod +x Cisco_Packet_Tracer_6.0.1_for_Linux-Ubuntu_installation.bin
$ sudo ./Cisco_Packet_Tracer_6.0.1_for_Linux-Ubuntu_installation.bin

Self extracting archive…
Welcome to Cisco Packet Tracer 6.0.1 Installation
Read the following End User License Agreement « EULA » carefully. You must accept the terms of this EULA to install and use Cisco Packet Tracer 6.0.1.

Press the Enter key to read the EULA.

Do you accept the terms of this EULA? (Y)es/(N)o


You have accepted the terms to the EULA. Cisco Packet Tracer will now be installed.
Attempting to install package now
Selecting previously…

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PacketTracer6 on Ubuntu Trusty