#2 How to configure Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express in SCCP Environment


Configuring IP Protocol Mode

! Enters telephony service configurating mode

Router(config)# telephony-service

! Sets the operational mode for phones
! Default: IPv4

Router(config-telephony)# protocol mode {ipv4 | ipv6 | dual-stack}

Configuring Source IP Address and Firmware Association

! Configuring the source IP address of CUCME (mandatory)
! Source address may be the same as TFTP server

Router(config-telephony)# ip source-address

! Optional,associates a phone type with a firmware file
! Add firmware specification to configuration file

Router(config-telephony)# load firmware-file

Enabling SCCP Endpoints

! Sets the maximum number of ephones that may be defined in the system

Router(config-telephony)# max-ephones maximum-ephones

! Sets the maximum number of ephone-dns that may be defined in the system

Router(config-telephony)# max-dn

Locale Parameters

! Specified the language to be displayes on the phone

Router(config-telephony)# user-locale RU

! Specified the set of call progress tones and cadences on the phone

Router(config-telephony)# network-locale RU

Date and Time Parameters

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