Configuring Dial-Peers on Packet Tracer

Edson Vuma

Hi, Guys.

Hope you all are feeling all right.

So, assuming that you have successfully practiced the basic configs of VoIP and assuming that you have read the little brief about VoIP on the last article, today ( 🙂 ) we will be practicing about dial peers.

Maybe you are wondering: What’s a dial peer?

Well, dial peer (is the same as Addressable Call Endpoint) is a device (or not) that can originate or receive a call in a telephony network.

The term dial peer is sometimes used in reference to a program that matches a specific dialed sequence of digits to an addressable call endpoint.

In the VoIP world, dial peer can be categorized as either voice-network dial peer or as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).

Voice-network dial peers include VoIP-capable computers, routers and Gateways within a network.

POTS dial peers include traditional telephone network devices…

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