35 of my BTC gone. PC not compromised. via /r/Bitcoin

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35 of my BTC gone. PC not compromised.

I had 35 Bitcoin spread across 18 wallets and the coins have been sitting idle for months. Sometime last night, all 35 coins were moved to two addresses:

1cvvnsUpaAvatvfDKgixRYvSdGLDfA4CA and 18rmY7jHdk4mrdMN46ERbFXm8YvM6ZDFo3

I’m still in shock basically as to how I let this happen, as I had thought that having my coins spread across 18 wallets with 18 different private keys was going to work. I’m confident that neither my PC or my offline backups were compromised. I’ll update here if I can somehow figure out what happened, still very crushed that 95% of my bitcoin holdings are now gone and moved to an address that isn’t in my control.

Edit: I was an idiot and assumed that the « random » button on brainwallet.org was truly random, but it clearly is not. My coins were taken by someone who is clearly smarter than myself…

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