Thingful wants to crawl the internet of things, but is this the right model?


In the early days of the web people « surfed the internet from walled gardens of content often assembled by their ISP. Then outside portals such as Yahoo started building indexes of sites that one might go to if you were interested in certain topics. These indexes were a step up, but they still required someone to submit a site or add a site manually to the index. Then today’s search engines that could crawl the web and bring back the content available without manual effort came about and made more content available and the web more useful.

Thingful wants to do that for the internet of things, so I spoke with Usman Haque, a co-founder and CEO of Thingful about his vision for the site and his hopes for using the assortment of available connected devices already online to help share data between interested people. For example, an air quality…

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