Barobot Is A Hackable Cocktail Mixing Robot


We’ve seen cocktail robots before. Specifically, the one we had on stage at Disrupt NY 2013, which goes by the name of Monsieur and aims to automate drinks service.

Fast forward a year, and say hello to Monsieur’s open source rival: Barobot. The Polish makers being this open, hackable automated cocktail machine have taken to Kickstarter to raise £90,000 (~$151,500) in crowdfunds to get their ‘party in box’ plexiglass behemoth to market.

Barobot aims to give you more time to chat with friends by taking the strain out of your drinks mixing, although not off of your counter top which is going to need to be considerably lengthy to accommodate its 88cm extent.

It’s been designed to hold up to 12 bottles of the hard (or soft) stuff, dispensing the correct shots from each to mix your poison of choice. Which means you’re also going to need a pretty extensive drinks cabinet to get the most…

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