The impact of social proof on online retail purchase


Research shows purchase uplift from social sharing and reviews What is the value of social sharing online? How does it impact sales? Can I charge more if my product has a highly perceived value?  Sharethis and Paley Centre for Media conducted a research stud research sharing behaviour amongst 6,000 consumers, that helps answer these questions. It s a piece of companion research to the infographic we shared recently, asking what prompts online sales? It gives more evidence of the impact of social proof where social sharing and reviews of products or of a brand as a whole give reassurance to purchasers about buying a product or service. This new research shows that the impact of social proof on retail buys is significant, it concludes that: Content sharing can influence consumers more than price and brand, and motivate people to spend 9.5% more , according to the research. In this research consumers were surveyed, who purchase in three…

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