Shazam Pulls The Plug On UK Spotify Users


image001 Just over a week ago, Shazam updated the free version of its mobile apps for iOS and Android so that users in the UK (and Germany, Mexico and Brazil, as it happens) could now open and play tracks that have been identified and ‘tagged’ by the app, in music streaming service Deezer .

What wasn’t made explicit at the time, however, is this was at the expense of support for rival music streaming service Spotify. In other words, in said countries, one service has been bumped by the other — a curious move for the UK where both Shazam and Spotify are wildly popular.

« I can’t believe it, » a friend wrote to me upon discovering the change. « Shazam is next to useless now for me now ».

For him — and many others like him, judging by complaints on Twitter and Shazam’s own support forum — without the ability to quickly…

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