LG G Flex 2 on its way and it has an ace up its sleeve


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You can say what you want regarding LG?s G Flex smartphone, but it was one of a kind. Curved phablet with a self-healing plastic certainly left a mark in smartphone business since its launch. The device maybe didn?t sell in some astronomic numbers, but it certainly brought something new to the table.

Truth be told the G Flex was/is a prototype phone, we can all agree on that. Rumors have began regarding G Flex? follow-up, LG G Flex 2. According to @evleaks the phone is expected mid-Q1 2015 and it is expected to sport a feature even more unique than self-healing plastic. Well, they got our attention for sure. What could this feature be? I personally have no idea, I could list futuristic stuff that comes to mind but I?d probably be way off.
lg g flex 2 evleaks leak
What do you think that feature will be? While we wait on some more news regarding…

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