Why I like Java (more than other languages)



I have used variety of programming languages ranging from C/C++ to Java to high level/expressive languages like PHP/Python even front-end scripting languages like Javascript/Actionscript (I know I shouldn’t call Javascript as a front-end language anymore but all my usage of javascript so far has been in front-end work). Choice of programming language for a given problem at hand depends on various factors. On occasions I have used higher level languages to build prototypes before productizing them in C++.

Understanding the basic underlying strengths and weaknesses of a language is important for making appropriate choice for a task (before you are way down on a wrong path). Just looking at syntactic sugariness and ready availability of relevant 3rd party libraries is not enough. One good example is Python. Its very expressive language with vast amount of readily available 3rd party libraries and a good active community. If you are considering it for a multi-threaded…

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