What does Java 8 has in store for programmers?

Java Development Tips

The programming language of Java is being used by millions of people all over the world. Now it has become even better with the unveiling of Java 8 which has a number of updates in the original programming model, demonstrating the thriving nature of Java amongst the global community of users, programmers as well as code contributors. This innovation platform is aimed to enable developers in the easier and faster creation of applications. Those companies who look for innovation can take the help of this platform as it has plenty of benefits in store for programmers.

What does Java 8 has in store for programmersLambda- Lambda expression is a much-loved as well as anticipated addition. It is commonly used in GUI development; this results in a cleaner code. It is also function literal, defining functions with function body as well as input parameters. Another interesting property is the closure which allows functional access of variable outside the immediate…

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