Using Multiple JDK’s on a Mac

Brent Stains

The information here is how I have my own environment setup.  It is an accumulation of days spent digging around the internet and tweaking based on Apple’s frequent changes.  I don’t have a list of other sites to reference my learning on the topic, so my apologies to those authors.

In any case, if you want to install the latest Java 8 but don’t want to keep editing your environment variables, here’s something you can try.  NOTE:  I’m not including how to download and install the software which can be a whole journey itself.

Below is the “.profile” file in my home directory.  There are a few things to note:  1) the use of the java_home command, 2) default JAVA_HOME setting, and 3) the aliases at the bottom to type from the command line to switch which version you’re pointed at.  So far this has been working for me without JRE issues w/…

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