Using Apache as a reverse proxy to Jetty with SSL

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Hey there, Allan here.

Since my last post was about ideas and discussions I decided to make this one more technical. So here is the cenario

I’ve got a maven project that runs with org.mortbay.jetty.maven-jetty-plugin. That way I’m able to run « mvn jetty:run » and got the system up and running in no time. Since it’s a « default » jetty installation, when I’m done with a new feature, I just pack the code and install in the jetty of the homologation enviroment.

The Problem

In unix systems you can only allocate ports bellow 1024 being a root. That means that, if I want to run as a normal user, when I set the Jetty plugin, I must choose some port over 1024 for both http and https (ports 80 and 443). The problem is that, if I use other ports than these, I must, manually, put the ports in the URL when…

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