Releasing GraphHopper 0.3 – Plan Your Outdoor Trips Beyond Two Dimensions


Today we are happy to finally release version 0.3 of GraphHopper – the Open Source road routing engine. Here is a screenshot showing our slightly polished UI


It shows a route result where elevation was enabled. Try it yourself at GraphHopper Maps or see the variety of already implemented use cases!


  • You can easily enable elevation and Graphhopper will not only automatically import and display this, but you can actually use it for routing! E.g. for bike routing hills will be avoided. But also even for horse-routing.
  • GraphHopper runs on Raspberry Pi and even in the Browser!
  • GraphHopper is now available in 19 languages! See here for the details.
  • A more powerful and compact API, including GPX support with turn instructions and elevation information.
  • The address suggestions is done via photon and is available as part of our Web Routing API which is currently in closed alpha.

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