Play Framework: The Conclusion


Upfront, Play! 2.2.1 seemed like a great option as a Java framework.

In practice, Play! kinda sucked. Perhaps I just don’t get why they made some decisions that they did. Here’s some spoilers that I found out while using it:

  • There seems to be no way to keep your own state. This was kind of interesting because I honestly just don’t use static methods… ever. My boss hates them, and our CS curriculum kind of glosses over them. As far as I could tell, you can ONLY write your java in static methods. This got a little weird for me because of the earlier bug that I listed with Play! not handling its database connections right. Play! handles a lot of state information for you, but I developed trust issues after that incident.

  • Want to use exclusively Java? Well… You’re going to learn some Scala too. This is a bit obnoxious…

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