On a bug in Java’s TreeSet and TreeMap

Recursive pondering

I’m fairly confident that I found a bug, or at least a violation of contract, in Java’s TreeSet and TreeMap – TreeSet, at least currently, is mostly a wrapper around TreeMap.

The documentation for TreeSet gives a contract:

returns true if and only if this set contains an element e such that (o==null ? e==null : o.equals(e)).

I created a TreeSet, but gave it a custom comparator that sorted it by ascending String length.

I had 3 items in it, like these:

« BO », « BOB », « ROBERT »

treeSet.contains(« FR ») returned true! After digging through the Java code a little, I realized that the TreeMap contains was not using o.equals(e), but comparator.compare(e, o) ! Therefore, contains would return true whenever the TreeSet contained any item the same length as e.

This could certainly be as designed, but it still breaks the contract.

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