Java Serialization and a Story that impressed me..

What I Learn Everyday!

I was going through the world wide web to find some realtime scenarios where serialization could be used. Whenever we have  technical dilemmas, there will always come the Mighty Stackoverflow to help. Same happened now and I found an interesting story narrated and wanted to have it in my place. This is it.

After hard work of many years, Earth’s scientist developed a robot who can help them in daily work. But this robot was less featured than the robots which were developed by the scientist of Mars planet.

After a meeting between both planet’s scientist, it is decided that mars will send their robots to earth. But a problem occurred. The cost of sending 100 robots to earth was $100 millions. And it takes around 60 days for traveling.

Finally, Mar’s scientist decided to share their secret with Earth’s scientists. This secret was about the structure of class/robot. Earth’s scientists…

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