Michelle Obama’s Kony-style ‘Boko Haram’ PR Stunt Inspires Viral Anti-drone Campaign


Whenever a First Lady tries to astro-turf over a political event to boost White House approval ratings – it never ends well.Remember Michelle’s foray in the Knucklehead issue?

Michelle Obama made a big splash on Twitter and Facebook this week, but it only took a few days before the predictable blow-back to her PR stunt has turned into a storm of ridicule.

Her detractors are right point out how her own husband has sanctioned the murders of thousands of innocents across central Asia and Africa with his shiny new drone toys, but is immune from giving any testimony, nor any prosecution as he claim Presidential privilege.

It should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain in America and further afield, that no amount of tweeting and hash-tagging will speed-up to rescue, or recovery of hostages. In fact, excessive political and…

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