Ontario spent $1.4M to fix up uneven floors in Pan Am athletes’ village

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TORONTO – Pan Am Games organizers say making $1.4 million-dollar upgrades to the floors in the athletes village was a necessary and cost-effective move to preserve the event’s international image.

The Games organizing committee says the repairs were made months ago after an inspection found the bare concrete floors were pitted and uneven.

At the time, one committee member deemed the floors to be worse than the ones in the athletes village in Guadalajara, Mexico, which hosted the last Games in 2011.

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Organizers say the floor was eventually covered with carpet in hallways and some common areas, and with dark grey floor sealing with baseboards in the athletes’ rooms.

It says the carpet cost $200,000 and the sealing $1.2 million.

Organizers say the upgrade was covered by the budget for the village, which is funded by…

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Everything you need to know about the future of print media in a single chart


It’s always fun when Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers analyst Mary Meeker comes out with her annual « State of the Internet » slide deck. There often isn’t all that much that is shocking or surprising about her conclusions, but the slideshow condenses and aggregates information about the state of affairs in tech and media in a very useful way. For example, she has one chart that likely strikes terror (or at least should strike terror) into the heart of print publishers everywhere.

The chart shows the percentage of time that U.S. adults spend on various forms of media—print, radio, television, etc.—compared to the amount of advertising spending that is devoted to that medium. And when it comes to print, the slide shows a yawning gap between the amount of attention devoted to that medium and the amount of advertising money that gets spent on it: a gap of 14 percentage points, in…

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Google Photos will soon solve all your storage needs


Google is ready to store your personal photo stash — and you won’t have to log into Google+ to make it happen.

Google Photos, as the new service is called, will premiere today at the tech giant’s annual developer conference in San Francisco, according to TechCrunch. The new digital photo album has been rumored for weeks.

Here’s what TechCrunch has been able to glean so far:

  • Google Photos will take over the photos.google.com address that currently directs to Google+.
  • It will have unlimited storage, though it’s unclear if there will be any exceptions to that promise. Previously, if you’ve been storing photos on Picasa or Google+, it ate up a portion of your Gmail/Drive storage limits.
  • Photo sizes will likely be capped at 16 megapixels. Video resolution can be as big as 1080p.
  • Google [fortune-stock symbol= »GOOG »] will also debut a new Photos app for Android that has better photo…

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FIFA corruption: What’s a sponsor to do?


After years of reports of poor governance practices, shady business dealings, an endless parade of stories about corruption, kickbacks, fiefdoms, labor violations, and more, investigations by the FBI and Swiss authorities have led to high-profile arrests of senior FIFA executives on corruption charges. We are now at the start of what will likely be months of stories untangling a Gordian knot of complex global deals and unethical behavior.

The big sponsors of FIFA are now scrambling to be the first to put out statements of concern and condemnation. We can applaud them, but it’s also ironic how quickly they are delivering these statements given how slowly they have dragged their feet over the years when asked to comment or take a stance on ethics violations.

Visa [fortune-stock symbol= »V »] says that they are disappointed and concerned and give veiled threats of potential withdrawal. Adidas [fortune-stock symbol= »AG »] is encouraging FIFA to continue…

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Google is bringing virtual reality to the classroom


In 2014, Google made a virtual reality viewer out of cardboard. In 2015, it’s turning it into a teaching tool for school classrooms.

The Google Cardboard headset, which is mostly made out of cardboard and works with Android phones and special apps, turned out to be a hit beyond just a gimmick at the company’s developer conference last year. Clay Bavor, Google vice president of product management said on-stage at this year’s Google I/O conference Thursday that it’s shipped more than 1 million cardboard headsets in the past year. There are also hundreds of cardboard-compatible apps in Google’s app store.

But now, Google is bringing is cheap and easy set to the classroom, helping teachers take their students on virtual field trips with Cardboard units, mobile devices, and software.

Dubbed « Expeditions, » Google’s program is partnering with organizations such as the Planetary Society and the American Museum of Natural History for…

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Cloud education tech claims larger role in ‘hire learning’


The explosion last year in venture funding for education technology—more than $1.87 billion invested—wasn’t strictly earmarked for K-12 classrooms, colleges and universities.

A fast-growing portion of ed-tech investments is squarely focused on corporate cyberlearning applications as businesses struggle to fill skills gaps and retain talent. As one vivid illustration, consider the $1.5 billion paid by LinkedIn to acquire Lynda.com, a venerable subscription-based online learning company in business for two decades.

Wrote LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, in a blog post justifying the deal:

“I believe we need to transition from a 20th century approach heavily reliant on rote learning to a 21st century curriculum focused on collaboration, critical reasoning and creative problem solving; provide more opportunities for experiential vs. textbook learning; better equip teachers to cater to multiple forms of intelligence vs. simply focusing on math and verbal skills; ensure compassion is taught in every classroom; and provide…

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